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Showcase your thought leadership

We transform your company's successes, ideas, and musings into outstanding quality content for publication on Medium, LinkedIn or a company blog. More->

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Grow your company

With deep subject experience in healthcare, we craft white papers, case studies, long form content, or blog posts that cut through the noise.


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Invest your resources wisely

We've crafted marketing strategy for brand new practices and national brands, always with the same goal: get the most impact for your marketing investment. More->

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Spread your brand

We leverage the tools of journalism and our long experience in healthcare to find, craft, and distribute stories that support growth, recruiting, and internal communications. More->

What People Say

Hospital Corridor

"Russell understands healthcare better than almost anyone I know, even many physicians. I've never worked with a more reliable or capable writer."

- Chief Medical Officer, national telemedicine group


"Russell has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to writing, marketing and personal branding. His skill at taking your intentions and crafting a strategy to deliver results is impressive."

Meeting Room Business

"Russell is an outstanding writer who naturally connects with his interviewees and then capitalizes on it by using his particular skill at humanizing complicated healthcare stories."

- Chief Clinical Recruiting Officer, national physicians group

- Founder, Direct to Consumer Medical Practice


When Teamwork Looks a Lot Like a Miracle

Medicine is full of stories, some of tedium and toil, others of heroic efforts and lives saved. But every once in a while, a story comes along that truly changes the way you think about the job. This is such a story; a story where everything important about emergency medicine collided: a team working seamlessly, expert clinicians racing against a clock, and an important piece of technology applied in a way rarely seen in any hospital, anywhere. This is the story of how the team at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas saved the life of a 5-year-old boy named Owen Coulter.

Read the full piece.

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Hurricane Florence Through the Eyes of the Providers Who Worked Through It

The week leading up to landfall for Hurricane Florence had been difficult from a planning perspective. The storm had weakened, then strengthened again. It had shifted course and slowed. Governors from Maryland down to Georgia had all declared a state of emergency. The hurricane was clearly a serious threat, but where precisely it would hit, and with how much intensity, had been difficult to predict. Still, the physician leaders responsible for two hospital sites in North Carolina had to prepare.

Read the full piece.

Hurricane Florence & Providers - Russell

What Any Emergency Physician Would Have Done

It was truly a made-for-TV moment. A man collapses limp on the ice while playing a pick-up hockey game. Fellow players rush to his side, trying to figure out what happened. Within moments, another figure – Dr. Craig Bryant – skates into the frame and takes over. He checks his pulse. He starts CPR. He saves the man’s life. And: the whole thing was caught on the rink’s security cameras. But what happened on the ice that day is actually a bit more complicated than what the cameras would have you believe.

Read the full piece.

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