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Corporate Storytelling

Spread your brand to stakeholders both internally and externally.

Every healthcare leader knows there are stories about their company that simply don't get told, whether because marketing is too overwhelmed, or because of silos between departments, or because you just haven't found the right resource capable of doing it. Or, perhaps just as commonly, as a healthcare leader you know the value of telling good stories—you just haven't had the time or bandwidth to find and tell them.

HealthPolity can help. Over the past decade, we've combined the tools of journalism with industry expertise to develop excellent working relationships within healthcare organizations, to listen, ask questions which generate insight, exercise editorial judgment about what is or is not a worthy story to tell, and to execute, whether through delivering written content or by partnering with a design or video resource to create compelling videos or presentations.

Corporate storytelling, if properly executed, can support business goals, recruiting goals, goals for internal communications, or all three.

Contact us today to see if we'd be a good fit.

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