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Our Story

HealthPolity was founded as a newsletter about the business of healthcare.

As a journalist and former Director of Content Marketing for US Acute Care Solutions, founder Russell Max Simon had originally set out to explain and illuminate what was going on in the industry—everything from physician group consolidation to payor and provider incentives, and the endless struggle to recruit clinicians in difficult-to-staff locations.

Soon, though, former colleagues, many physicians who had started their own companies or moved into new leadership roles, began asking for help. Help with marketing strategy, with content, and with articulating and executing brand strategy in an increasingly competitive and tumultuous market.

Thus was born HealthPolity as a B2B Content Marketing Agency. Today, Russell combines deep industry expertise, the cutting-edge capabilities of AI, an extended pool of freelance writers, and his innate reverence for the written word to provide agile, impactful content marketing competitive with traditional, higher-cost content marketing agencies.
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About Russell

Russell Max Simon has more than a decade of experience in content marketing for healthcare organizations. He has worked with national, billion-dollar physician groups, individual medical practices, and everything in between.


He has extensive experience working with 

physician groups and tech-enabled healthcare services, including ghostwriting for healthcare executives.

In addition to his work in content marketing, Russell publishes a Substack newsletter about digital nomadism, meaning, & legacy called Post-Nomad. He is also an avid traveler, kitesurfer, and rock climber.

He has been quoted and published in dozens of newspapers and publications throughout the country, including the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

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