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Showcase the thought leadership of your physicians and executives

HealthPolity has been ghostwriting for physicians and healthcare executives for nearly a decade, transforming their successes, ideas, and stories into high-quality content, whether it's for a company blog, or their personal Medium or LinkedIn accounts. 

About the process

Ghostwriting is about reflecting back the thoughts and experiences of whomever it is we're writing for — and helping to find and craft the story. We conduct interviews, leveraging our background in journalism, then draft articles and blog posts for review based on those conversations.


HealthPolity can't create "thought leadership" where there is none — but we can and do bring out stories and insights our clients didn't even know were there, and clarify and crystalize your experiences into teachable moments, compelling stories, or case studies for how to improve healthcare.


Most ghostwriting engagements are long-term partnerships, where we develop themes and ideas and tell stories over time to support your personal or business goals, or those of your company.

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